Find Magic in the Mundane.

Fernlore is an independent, women-led digital publication featuring original artwork and stories inspired by our sense of wonder and curiosity of the world around us.

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“Feeling the warm sun on my face and the tranquillity that comes with being among plants can eradicate the worst of moods.”

“When you visit, you feel transported and it’s easy to lose yourself in the surrounding wildlife. There is an abundance of life all around, and it’s one of my favourite places to visit in the city. It was a most pleasant surprise to discover that beavers also inhabited the pond.”

“Why should we care about being able to grow plants in space? If humans want to continue to explore space and even one day inhabit places like the moon or Mars, it’s important that we have a sustainable source of food. So while The Martian is fiction – it could very well be a reality in the future.”

“I never used to give much thought to the state of the dirt patches along the side of the road or the abandoned lots in our neighbourhood. It took me becoming interested in plants and gardening to then realise that my passion didn’t have to stop in my own home.”

“I am drawn to nature for many reasons, but a big one is that when I reconnect with nature, I am reminded that I am merely one small part of a much bigger picture and it gives me a sense of perspective that eases my anxieties. It’s no wonder that I seek this feeling in the media that I consume.”

“In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, collecting and pressing plants and flowers was a popular pastime the world over. Amateur and professional collectors gathered their specimens into notebooks and cabinets, preserving the botany around them for posterity.”