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There’s a chill in the air.

Autumn is here!
Get cozy with new Fernlore stories and illustrations this fall.

The Latest

Chapter Five - Heading Home

This week Lucy says goodbye to Salt Spring Island and heads home. Say goodbye with her in the final chapter of her story.

Things To Do This Fall

Oh, fall. You marvellous season. A welcome reprise from the relentless heat of summer. Fall is time to cozy up indoors and get caught up on things, including that reading list of yours. It’s also a great time to get outside and explore your neighbourhood. Bundle up or get cozy – we’ve curated a list of things to do around home and the city this fall.

A Small Ode to Mushrooms

When I think about mushrooms my mind conjures a number of different images. I picture the power-up mushrooms in Super Mario Brothers, which offer aid in your hero’s journey to save Princess Peach (yet again). I think of Frodo and Sam, and that fateful shortcut they took while on their way out of the Shire. Thinking about mushrooms also makes me hungry, because they are delicious to eat!