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About Fernlore

Fernlore is an independent, women-led, digital publication featuring original artwork and stories inspired by nature, plants and people. 

A serendipitous passion project between friends Alanna Rossi and Jaclyn Simon, Fernlore was created in the spring of 2021. Alanna and Jaclyn met while volunteering at Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver, BC. They quickly discovered a mutual interest in nature, art and writing. 

Fernlore was created as a place to inspire creativity and to provide a space for imagination to flourish.

If you’d like to learn more or just say hi, send us a message!

About Alanna

As an aspiring writer and voracious reader, Alanna brings her love of the literary world to Fernlore. Her passion for nature and her curiosity about the world around her are an inspiration to the stories she writes.

About Jaclyn

Jaclyn has always had a love for art, design and nature. She studied plants, soil, and landscape architecture at UBC, further deepening her understanding of the relationships between plants and people.

Jaclyn is currently working as a freelance graphic designer. Check out more of her work at